The Warlords: Character Classes

The Warlords is a MMORPG that is free to play, free to download as well as no monthly costs. Journey back to Ancient China during the corrupt Qing Dynasty, where havoc and banditry was the way of life, and strive to become the strongest of the new class of rising heroes. Encounter rebel groups that you must put down in hopes of bringing peace to the land. As you venture forth you will attract more powerful allies and forge blood oath alliances with other players to combat the torrential rebel armies more effectively.
Latest Features:
Characters in the game can be of different genders and different identities – soldier or bandit. The combat styles within the Warlords are of two schools: the close ranged Footman and the long ranged Marksman.
Soldiers are great pawns of the Emperor and strive to uphold his ideals and laws. They are courageous and strive to bring forth justice across the currently turbulent land. The rebels stand no chance against these unwavering proponents for justice.
Bandits seek to topple the currently corrupt regime by any means possible. They arose out of sheer need for protectors for the innocents of the land that live their lives in the depths of decay. They seek to end the suffering brought forth by the uncaring Qing government and bring peace to the land.
Proficient in unmatchable archery and capable of fascinating ranged attacks, are a group of daring fighters. Time and again, they venture fearlessly into the depths of forests and mountains to win great fortune and fame.
Brave and courageous, are versatile melee combatants and remarkable experts of a wide array of weapons. Manufactured by endless battles and refined through glorious crusades, they are acclaimed for their high defense and superb speed.
Which side will you choose? What school best interests you? Join in and explore the darkest period of Chinese history.
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