The Warlords: Entourage System Preview

The Entourage System is a unique feature of the Warlords. In the anarchical era, you can assemble your private army and pursue the status of a dominant warlord. For this core feature of WL, our designers will constantly provide new updates for players to experience.

During the adventure, players can capture various guards with different professions, and enroll them in the Reserve Camp. From the lineup, you can select up to 6 guards to venture with you, and at most summon 2 of them to help at the same time while the other 4 will serve as backups. In future updates, players would be allowed to summon more guards simultaneously. With more understrappers, players could benefit with their own personal army in this cruel world. Alternatively, you could just wander in the town to show off your loyal bodyguards.

Besides more guards, in future updates, players would be able to enhance their guards’ Valor more conveniently. Valor is the general term for the guards’ 5 attributes. Generally speaking, the higher valor the guard has, the more powerful the guard is. Currently there are 3 common ways to upgrade guards’ Valor: get training, take Senzu pills and learn knowledge from books. However, the upgrade could only be carried out in certain intervals. The limitation would be abandoned in future updates, and players can create super soldier.

Last but not least, more customization options would be provided to players. You could dye your guards’ clothes with different colors and designs as uniforms for your army to have that personal feel, in the near future.

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