The Warlords: Entourage System

The Entourage System is the soul for the Warlords. As the name indicates, the theme of the game is to grow into a powerful and dominant warlord in the truceless late Qing Dynasty. To achieve this goal, players should not only enhance their characters’ attributes as in most MMO, but also organize a loyal and strong private army.

In the very beginning of the game, players will automatic obtain a guard, who will go wherever the player wishes to go. As the game progress, players can capture or hire more guards in various professions. With the help of these loyal understrappers, you can organize a versatile force, and depend on it to promote your status and fame in this cataclysmic era. If you’re lucky enough, you will rise from a humble squire to a dominant warlord, eventually!

In the Warlords, there are up-to 100 types of guards available for players to collect. This includes nearly all professions that existed during the late Qing Dynasty. Players can capture these guards in battle and trade with other players. Every guard has a unique status and profession, from the elite class, such as a Manchu general or princess, to the grass-root, bottom of the barrel, like thieves and clowns. The differences between these guards are not just their names and appearances, but also their attributes, combat skills and weapons. In actual combat, guards will help you kill enemies, give you protection, share your burden, or even die for you. Guards’ attributes contribute to players’ Kungfu. Different guards have different attributes. The higher the attributes, the more skillful your guards will be. Valor is the general term for the guards’ 5 attributes. Generally speaking, Valor shows your guards’ current status.

To endow your guards with more power, you can reincarnate them when they reach level 70. After the Reincarnation, guards’ attributes will increase and each reincarnation will give the guard 0.01 Valor. Total Valor gained from the reincarnation will not exceed 5. After the Reincarnation, the guard will return to level 1 and such attributes as HP, Attack and Defense will return to what they were when the guard was at level 1. But other guard attributes will increase greatly. As the guard practices and reaches level 70 again, the guard will undergo Epiphany and return to the level before the reincarnation. In conclusion, the Entourage System makes The Warlords a unique MMO from all others. In the chaotic late Qing Dynasty, only a loyal and versatile force can help you become an influential warlord.

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