The Warlords: Hot Events for August

The TQ team has prepared a string of fun events for you in August. Below is a preview for August. Don’t miss out on these fantastic events and rewards! Good luck!
1. Royal Pageant (August 7 to August 13)
In order to express our thanks for your great support, the Qing Dynasty will hold a fantastic pageant for one week. All of you can join it to celebrate the royal pageant, and you will have the chance to win tempting prizes: Elite-Senzu-Pill, EXP-Jewel-Pack, Rage-Jewel, Rage-Jewel Gold Medallion, Coat, etc.
2. Log Delivery Event (August 14 to August 16)
If you want to be one of the lucky winners to get some gold, don’t miss out this good chance.
You can buy low-quality item at the starting point and resell it to the NPC once the event starts. The more items you sell back, the more money you will get. Let us keep our eyes peeled to see who will be the first one to deliver the most items to the destination in the least time.
3. Chinese Valentine’s Day Event (August 26 to August 28)
– Romantic Chinese Valentine’s Day Event
– Love Maze Event
Once a year, the Chinese Valentine’s Day comes on the seventh day of the seventh month on the Chinese lunar calendar. This year, that day will fall on August 26. And we would like to invite you to take part in our special festival event! We offer you a bunch of great prizes: Double Exp Brew, Senzu Pill, Purity +2 and Gold, Lover’s suit, Medallion, Potency Gem, Wisdom Gem, Rage Gem, Warm Gem, etc. Sounds great, right? Make sure you join us for these fun events!

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