The Warlords: Join PK Tournaments

Attention adventurers,
To revive the militarism tradition of the Manchu and select the elite warriors, the Qing Court will host the regular PK Tournaments starting from May 17th.
There will be tournaments on every Sunday and the first day of each month, namely Weekly PK Tournament and Monthly PK Tournament. Each tournament is divided into 3 groups: Civilian, Soldier, and Veteran, participants can apply according to their levels.
In PK Tournaments, you will experience an intensive battle royal against your peers, and the last one standing will be the winner, to obtain various rewards and honor. Among the rewards, the Qing court has prepared the robust steeds for the heroes/heroines. With these loyal steeds, you can travel the Middle Kingdom swiftly, and wipe out those bloody rebels for the empire.
Warriors, prepare yourselves well to win the appreciation of the emperor.
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