The Warlords: New Interaction System Soon Available

In the chaotic world of the Warlords, Brotherhood and sisterhood is everything.Three players who have swore an Oath of Brotherhood can join the Voyage Campaign together. They will share one another’s KungFu as well as one another’s friend and enemy lists. When in trouble, brothers and sisters will immediately stand out and rescue one another.
Trust and faith get friends closer. Some even fall in love. Yes, we do have successful examples!
We understand sometimes it would be difficult to express your feelings. And that’s why we would like to present you, our dear players with the new Interaction System! Have you imagined strolling around hand in hand or riding on a mount together with your love? Or being bold enough to give her/ him a sweet kiss? Is that possible in game? Now you can! All these wild thoughts will soon become reality in WL!
Make sure you don’t miss out!
We will keep you posted on new updates!
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