The Warlords Open-Beta Giveaway Events

TQ Digital Entertainment is happy to announce that The Warlords will begin the open-beta test at 20:00 April 24, 2009 PDT.
During the current closed-beta test, the 1st group of players have gotten a nice glimpse at this Chinese-style MMO, and helped our developers in fixing several major bugs. Now, we feel that The Warlords is ready to begin servicing more adventurers who are eager to explore the mysteries of ancient China.
For the open-beta launch, the TQ team has prepared a string of exciting events from which our players would obtain rare items, WPs, and even $300 cash as a reward!
1. From April 24 to May 24, by downloading the Warlords client from the official site, players can join in a special lottery, with a jackpot of up to $300.00!
2. Between April 24 and May 10, all new arrivals can receive a free bonus pack, and 1380 WPs in the game.
3. A weekend event will be held from April 24 to April 26, from which players can collect free WPs by exterminating monsters in all the regions.
Can’t wait to start on your own epic adventure? Get yourself ready to create your own legend, only on The Warlords!
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