The Warlords Trivia Event Now Open

Here comes the news of the long expected Warlords Trivia Event! From Jun.15th to Jun.22nd, players who join this event need to log in game and answer the questions randomly raised by the NPC Cheng-Jan (635,1128), who will reveal the results and give rewards the next day.
The best part is, no matter if your answers are correct or not, there will be rewards for you!
Items contained in the Lotto Pack are:
Senzu-Pill, EXP-Jewel-Pack, Double-EXP-Brew, Revival-Pill-Pack(10), Martial-Order, Meteor, Wisdom-Gem, Rage-Gem, Ward-Gem
Sound great! Isn’t it? So, make sure that you will take part! Let’s have some fun together!
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