The Warlords: Voyage Quests & Nobility Rank

The Voyage Quests
The Voyage is an innovative quest system in the Warlords. As the riots and unrest are widely spread in the territory of the kingdom, the Qing court wants experienced warriors to crush the troubles for them. Therefore, no matter if you are an imperial soldier or a bandit, the supreme authority will reward you with bountiful awards once you complete these urgent missions.

The requirements for the Voyage Campaign are strict, and vary from one campaign to another. After receiving a Voyage Campaign, players need to depart for the destination within a certain time, by ship. Every campaign requires players’ team work. When the campaign starts, the player with the highest Kungfu in the map will be assigned as the campaign Commander. As the team leader, the Commander has to plot the tactics and arrange the force deployment. In return, when the campaign is successfully completed, the Commander will receive extra rewards.

For the team members, they have to fight for their lives during the campaign. Because when the campaign begins, the system will record the contribution of each member. For those whose contributions are under the bench mark set by the system, they will be unable to gain the rewards, even if the campaign was completed.

Rank of Nobility

The constant wars and natural disasters have driven the Qing court to the brink of collapse. To alleviate its financial burden, the emperor would confer anyone who donates enough silver to the imperial government into the nobility, no matter which way you earned the money. The noble ranks are not just a mere title of honor, more importantly, they can give players the bonus of Kungfu which directly affects the character’s battle performance.
Depending the amount of the donation, there are 5 ranks of the nobility: Baron, Viscount, Earl, Marquis, Duke and Prince (Princess). There is a limitation for the number of Prince/Princess, Duke, and Marquis. If your donation exceeds the amount from a current high-ranked player, you will replace him/her to take up the title. For the titles of Earl, Viscount and Baron, there is no number limitation. So once you have donated enough silver, you will be granted the title.

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