Think of the Children Open Beta Starts 18 September

Though it will release later this year, Jammed Up Studios “co-op parenting simulator”, Think of the Children will have an open beta! It starts on September 18th, and players can sign up right here to secure a batch of four keys for themselves, and their friends! The first three levels will be available in Quick Play, and customizable parents/children. These can be played by up to 1-4 players via local co-op. The story mode is not included, Think of the Chidlren will put players on trial for bad parenting, and the prosecutors will unveil hazardous events as their evidence. From parks, a day at the zoo, camping, or stranded in the Outback or under the sea, players can tackle the content solo or team up with other parents locally to do battle against the world so that their child will be happy, alive, and safe!

Every day out is a trial, but it’s up to you to make it a success.

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