This Just In: Akuma announced for Street Fighter 5!

CVS2 Akuma

This is going to be a short one, but over the weekend at Red Bull Kumite, there was a drape displayed proudly. It had a pecuilar, but somehow familiar Kanji painted upon it. It roughly translates into [as far as I can tell] God above man or Godlike or something to that effect. Someone will surely correct me. It was announced, it’s confirmed, it’s real: Akuma is coming to Street Fighter V! None of the first batch of DLC characters really grabbed my attention, to be totally honest. Urien was the closest. I hate Juri, I hate Ibuki. But Akuma? I’ve been waiting for this entire game to release a character I’m interested in, and that I’m familiar with. But this seems to be a new form of Akuma, a new power. His Gi had this upon it once before, in Capcom vs. SNK 2 I believe. What does that mean for us? Is it going to be inspired by that franchise? Because I loved that version of Akuma, no lie. You know what I’d like to see? Eventhubs pointed it out and I really like this idea. Given the Trigger system that Street Fighter V uses, and the “God above Man” kanji, maybe he turns into Shin Akuma/Gouki, or even Oni! Now that sounds hype to me. I’m all aboard the hype train for the high-risk high-reward style of gameplay that Akuma has always had.

There’s also a new stage coming tomorrow, “Skies of Honor”, where you fight on a plane that Rashid owns, that circles a city. I have a feeling that’s going to make me motion sick just looking at it. What do you guys think of the Akuma teaser though? Excited? Enraged? Furious that there is still no Dan?

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  • Herschel Pilcher III

    After seeing some of the game play footage from this game, Akuma should look pretty amazing and control rather smoothly. And the ‘Raging Demon’ should look completely badass lol