This Just In: Bless Online’s Latest Announcement

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Bless Online has been voted as one of the “most wanted MMOs of 2017” in not just the United States, but all over! Are you excited for it to come over? A year ago Aeria talked about porting it over to the West, to increase the awareness of the title. It would no doubt be a juggernaut over here, to compete with all the best and brightest of the F2P MMO community. Possibly even destroy them. However, I’ve come to let you know …

Gamingo canceled their deal with Neowiz. As of now, there will be no Bless Online in the West.

Bless Online Korean World Preview

Apparently “after extensive testing”, quality standards could not be met. What the Hell does that even mean in this instance? We’ve been seeing teaser videos of Bless on Youtube for over a year now! These supposed difficulties could not be overcome, so we won’t be getting Bless Online in an official capacity. Though we will get some other games to be announced before Gamescom 2017! So … that’s exciting, right? The official word is:

“Together with Neowiz we have come to the conclusion that the technical difficulties cannot be overcome, so we agreed not to complete the game for our respective markets. This has not been an easy decision for us and we put a lot of thought into this step. On the other hand, we have a number of interesting new releases coming up to complement our already strong portfolio, so our players can look forward to several new games in the near future.”  says Jens Knauber, COO of the Gamingo Group. I mostly feel bad for the people that had to break the news to us. Nobody likes to be the bearer of bad PR news. Though they did bring us Twin Saga and Echo of Soul, and those are both pretty damn fun. But I was actually looking forward to Bless Online. I do want to know what these circumstances were. Was it a money thing? Did it contain some kind of blasphemous, vile thing in dire need of censorship? Were they afraid it was just like every other F2P on the market? I have questions. Maybe I can get some answers. So, until they make a deal with someone else, don’t count on seeing it. But they do have lots of other quality games out on Western shores! But .. it’s just not the same, is it?

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