This Just In: Digital Homicide Halts Lawsuits

This just arrived on the Bottom Tier News Entertainment System’s desk:

Real footage from "ET".

Real footage from “ET”.

Digital Homicide, creator of such classic AAA titles such as “The Slaughtering Grounds”, “ET: The Extra-Large Testicle”, and “Not In My Crapper” has withdrawn their lawsuit! You guys might or might not remember, but I reported on that not a week or so ago, where I pointed out that they sued 100 anonymous Steam users for hurting their feelings and talking shit about their game. Shit might be the operative word. I mean come on. How could you possibly hate a game like Not In My Crapper? Those are real titles, all satire and jokes aside. I can’t make that up even if I tried. However, they finally saw that the lawsuits were not only frivolous, but idiotic and withdrew them.

For comparison: Zombie Nation.

For comparison: Zombie Nation.

James Romine Jr. still believes that the case is solid, that he could’ve surely won. And who can blame them? The Slaughtering Grounds was an epic zombie survival game the likes we’ve not seen since Zombie Nation on the Nintendo Entertainment System. Digital Homicide’s days of plaguing the gaming community with their unique take on video games are done, the ground was salted, and the Romine brothers went back to work, doing things that I am not meant to know or understand. That means it’s a sad day for video games, friends. No more games in the epic “Wyatt Derp” franchise. We will probably never see “Galactic Hitman 2: Caps in Martian Asses”. Let’s all tip our hats and have a moment of silence for a true loss. However, it was withdrew without malice/prejudice, so there’s always a chance they’ll try to get their revenge. Only time will tell!

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