This Just In: E3 Going Public!

E3 Editorial

In what is the first [and maybe last] time, E3 is going to open the doors to the public! That is colossal news! Fifteen thousand tickets will be going on sale, and I have the distinct feeling that they’re going to be snatched up faster than any convention you have ever seen. Faster than Pax, Blizzcon, Comiccon, you name it. Why? Because this has never happened! E3 has always been for press, and for developers. It is a time for them to get the scoop before anyone else, and then publish it for everyone else to see. It’s definitely on my bucket list of events I want to cover. That’s going to turn it into an even bigger madhouse, lines that will last all day just to maybe see one game. But I do see why it’s happening. E3 has had flagging attendance over the past couple of years, and there are quite a few vendors/developers that probably won’t be there this year. That’s going to upset fans, but maybe they’ll see that there is a huge crowd waiting to see their games, and that will change.

I imagine developers and publishers are pulling out because it’s just not worth it for them anymore. There are other conventions and expos that give them the attention and the numbers they want. On the other side of that coin, having the public at the event will let a developer see just how badly the customer wants their product, get feedback from attendees and et cetera. And last two years there were “important people” in the consumer industry attending, like Youtube personalities, Twitch streamers, social media types, people that have a lot of influence and a large audience. Someone different from just the press. Apparently it was pretty popular with them, so now they’re going to try and bust it wide open with the regular customer. I’m certainly not saying “it will never happen again”, but to me it feels like a last ditch effort to make e3 relevant again, get those big names attending, and it is with the hope that having their gaming/electronics consumers there will do just that.

Tickets go on sale Monday, for 149 dollars a day, or 249 for a three-day pass. These will sell out almost instantaneously. You can bet on that. The event itself is June 13th, 9am PT, and tickets will get people full access to the show floor. Just click here to get yours!

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