This Just In: FFXIV Removes Free Trial Timer

FFXIV Diving

One of the worst things about trying an MMO is not having enough time in the day to try it. 30 day trials, 14-day trials, none of these are helpful if you only have a few hours here or there to try it out. That timer starts ticking immediately. You feel compelled to play as much as possible; this can have a negative impact on how you view the game, knowing you won’t really get the most out of the trial. So, MMOs have been moving to a more open free trial period, one without a time barrier, so you don’t have to worry about it. You can try the game as much as you’d like, without worrying that the view of the game will be ruined. That you won’t be able to play all the classes, try as much of the game as possible. Final Fantasy XIV are joining the ranks of these MMOs by completely obliterating their 14 day trial. They had probably the shortest of any of the MMOs that I can think of right off the top of their head. What’s more, you can level to 35 for any of the classes, which is more than some other games. Sure, there are restrictions, but it is a trial.

FFXIV: ARR Heavensward Expansion

You can craft, gather, go into Deep Dungeon [at least the first 10 levels] to see how you like the Rogue Like in FFXIV. Want to go to the Gold Saucer and gamble the night away? Would you rather try Blacksmithing out in the desert, clanking away to forge great weapons and armor? You can do it! Figure out how the game is going to play for you, and do it! There are so many beautiful zones, and interesting classes to play. You also don’t have to worry about the character not being compatible, because it will carry over! Restrictions are important, though, to reduce the amount of free access to gil farmers, so I can’t really be mad. I’m not there to socialize anyway but to try the game, get a feel for the combat, explore the areas. Kudos to Square-Enix for giving their new players a real, fair chance to find out what everyone who plays already knows: That Eorzea is gorgeous, majestic, and challenging! Play to your heart’s content and make a real, informed decision!

Thanks to the Playstation Blog for the information!

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