This Just In: Guilty Gear x Brave Frontier Collaboration

Brave Frontier 1

Brave Frontier was the first mobile game that I had any interest or spent any real time on. It has an engaging story, and I like building custom parties for whatever I need at the moment. It is a mobile game though so it has drawbacks. Running out of inventory/unit space is the biggest issue I run into. Or running out of Energy, and not wanting to use my gems to restore it. It has features that are wonderful [Auto Battle, Quest Repeat], and features that are a little less interesting [like the town. Could not care less about it]. It offers PVP, raiding, a lengthy story, plus some post-story content. It has been a while since I really played it, but I also love that I can play it on my PC! It has an official app on the Windows Store, that I wish more mobile companies would utilize. But this Brave Frontier style of game has been emulated by virtually everyone. If someone did it before them, I’m not aware of it. Fire Emblem does sort of [except the actual combat], Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius definitely does. Lots of mobile games use this style, but none to the same efficacy as they do. There are so many damn characters, too. Further details are right here.

Brave Frontier 2

But collaborations and crossovers are all the rage right now because cross-promotion is awesome for everyone involved. You know, most of the time. I reinstalled the game before I heard about it, but as of today, there’s a Guity Gear x Brave Frontier crossover. Yes! I love GG, there’s a new game on the rise, so what better time? So, what’s on offer? You can summon Milia, Dizzy, Jack-O’ and Ramethal are going to be able to be summoned! That makes me cross because I really want Jack-O’ for my team. My luck with summons is notoriously bad. There’s also a login event, so log in every day at least, to get great rewards like Gems and the stuff we all really want. Those characters as far as I’m aware comes as a 7 Star, but can be evolved to Omni. However, you can fight battles for Ky and Sol, but they start as Omni and are seriously powerful. I got my Ky in about four battles of his third stage. I haven’t fought for Sol Badguy yet, but he’s on my to-get list, rest assured. This is a fantastic event, but I almost wish Blazblue were involved…just a little more than Guilty Gear. But that’s personal preference. I would be remiss if I didn’t let you guys know that it’s happening, and it’s awesome. Brave Frontier isn’t as generous with free stuff as Dokkan Battle is, but it’s pretty damn close.

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