This Just In: Pokémon Go Creates Fitness Revolution


A few times a week [three to four on average] I wake up at Five AM [EST] to do DDP Yoga. Not as a matter of bragging, simply to point something out. I’m working hard to get back into the shape I was in as a youth. Back then, before I had a car, I walked everywhere, generally for miles if I had to. But then, I received an automobile. Those days died. Michelle Obama has worked tirelessly, ceaselessly for eight whole years to instill in kids and adults the need to workout and get into shape. But it didn’t meet with a whole lot of success. It had some, but not like this. Nintendo, through the Pokémon Company and Niantic in one day got basically the entire damn world walking for miles, exploring, meeting new people, all to collect Pokémon. I don’t know too many people who didn’t play Pokémon/want to be a Pokémon Master. In my 30s, I still do! I don’t feel any shame. People in rural areas don’t have the same access that people in cities and beaches/etc do, but it’s only been around for a handful of days. I’m willing to bet that peoples’ data plans for their phones are already starting to show the burden! Be mindful of your phone battery and data plan folks! It’s creating a wave of new friendships and exercising, a kind of happiness I think we sorely need right now.


I have never seen so many people getting together, trying to catch Pokémon, walking for five, ten miles at a time, down beaches, along piers, down highways in big cities. In bigger cities in North Carolina, where quite a few of my friends are [shoutouts to SoniCat Cosplay and Glamazonian Rage] there are dozens of people getting together, coordinating walks, even if they don’t know each other! Facebook groups popping up to get people together, share information, point out Gym Battles, gathering together like never before. Pokémon Walk groups are popping up on Facebook, where dozens, maybe hundreds are going to walk together for miles, catching as many Pokémon as possible. Friendly competition is spiking, as are fitness walks; because you need motivation sometimes. What greater motivation is there than being a Pokémon Master? Sure, there are drawbacks and fears. People are likely to get mugged if they aren’t careful, people are driving while catching Pokémon [seriously: Don’t do this. It’s stupid and dangerous], or trespassing where they shouldn’t.  Some people are cheating and driving to hatch eggs, but eh. To each their own!


All told, this is a miraculous thing. Sure, it has a cash shop, and yes, it still doesn’t have a lot of features. Niantec has already shared the next things they are adding, such as trades, more Pokémon, et cetera. The Teams still don’t do anything other than bragging rights, but I have a feeling that will change too. While no, it’s not perfect, and it can be very distracting to all walks of life, all around the globe, we are coming together for a very pure kind of love. It’s a wonderful thing to see so many people getting together and working out over a common bond: The love of Pokémon.  Keep it up, Pokémon Trainers. Just stand behind me: I’m catching them all over here. My home has a very small amount of Pokémon nearby, but that won’t stop me. Get fit, catch ’em all. Just. . . be smart, be safe, get that exercise in. But do be mindful, be safe, and have fun.

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