This Just In: Riot Ganks Moontoon Technology

Riot Lawsuit 2

When I woke up this morning, I had a different idea for my morning editorial. But this … this was too good to pass up. League of Legends clones coming out of China are not new. Copyright laws are apparently pretty lax, so we’ve seen some pretty amazing rip-offs from China. I know I wrote about an Overwatch clone a few months back. But Shanghai’s “Moontoon Technology” went above and beyond the theft of any other company I’ve seen yet. They didn’t make one game based on League, but three. Magic Rush: Heroes, Mobile Legends: 5v5 MOBA, and Mobile Legends: Bang bang.  Wow. This blows my mind. I cannot even comprehend who would be so foolish. I mean, sure, there isn’t generally a lot that can be done about these games, at least not as far as I’m aware [I’m no lawyer], but Riot did file a 44-page lawsuit. Whoo doctor, that’s going to be brutal. After Google removed Mobile Legends, Moontoon responded by vaguely changing the game, renaming it, and relaunching. The lawsuit can be found right here goes into explicit detail, describes the manifold ways that League was ripped off by this company. This is definitely not the first time it’s happened though. It seems like a fair amount of these Chinese companies are free to just do whatever they please, but Riot has a pretty strong tie to gaming in China. I’m more than willing to bet that this will not stand. It’s one thing to be “inspired” by a game, and make a MOBA that is again, inspired by League, or SMITE, or whichever. But to boldly, blatantly rip them off time and again? Sure, I’ve seen a lot of skills shared from various MOBAs. That’s fine. But this goes farther. Want an example? Here’s one from the lawsuit:

Riot Lawsuit 1

I seldom see these go anywhere, but this is Riot, and they have the MOBA game in a stranglehold. Not to mention competitive gaming is a huge business in China. Will this go anywhere? I’m going to keep my eye as close to it as possible. But what do you guys think though? Since copyright laws are lax, is it justifiable for them to do as they please? Or is it the scumbaggiest move Moontoon could make? Personally, I think just because it’s “possible” doesn’t mean they should. These ripoff games never really last. I should inquire with a friend who is well-versed in law over in Hong Kong. Maybe he’ll have some insight. Let me know what you think below though! Is it right? Is it fair? Are they about to get bodied by Riot?

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