This Just In: River City Ransom: Underground

So, do ArcSys own all of my favorite IPs!? I was browsing the internet this morning, and was horrified that I did not know/did not receive an email about the upcoming newest chapter in the River City Ransom franchise. It’s not a remake, remaster, or anything like that. An actual, factual, next chapter, a sequel. This makes me so damn happy. Up to four player co-op and at least ten characters to unlock, each with their own fighting styles. 140 levels! That’s a lot of online co-op that Bottom Tier need to play! I loved the art style for River City Ransom, the ludicrous eating, the action, the fact that it also looked like Super Dodge Ball [I still think they’re in the same franchise. . .], and I’m going to have to reach out to editorialize/live stream/do videos for this with Colton. It’s due to drop Feb. 27th, so there’s plenty of time! ArcSys already makes a lot of my favorite titles, like Blazblue, and the latest Double Dragon, Double Dragon IV. From what I’m aware, Alex and Ryan from the original are back, and helping a new crew of badasses keep the streets of River City safe. And it looks so good! I love the 80s style of pixels, and it definitely keeps true to the unique big-forehead characters. While I no doubt will have tons of stuff to do between now and then, you can be damn sure I will be acquiring this, and we’ll try to do something really fun with it. River City Ransom is one of the greatest, and I cannot wait. ArcSys, I love you. Please don’t stop bringing back my favorites.

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  • Herschel Pilcher III

    Everything about this looks like a distilled form of pure ‘Fun”.

    Can video games even legally DO that anymore?

    • Ragachak

      ArcSys doesn’t care about things like “rules”.