This Just In: Sanada-themed Samurai Warriors!

-SAMURAI WARRIORS_ Spirit of Sanada

One of the potential drawbacks of the Dynasty Warriors/Samurai Warriors games, is that there are so many damn characters to focus on! I love them anyway, because I do love history, and the Warring Kingdoms era is fun to play through! But you have seen the general story four or five times now, more if you played the Tactics versions of the games. . . In May, 2017, there’s a Samurai Warriors game focused solely on the Sanada clan! Their rise from virtual nothinginess, being vassals and nothing more, to a prominent, mighty clan! Masayuki Sanada joins as a playable character, which I’m very excited for, and it starts from his perspective. The Sanada clan struggles, strives, pushes to survive at all costs, and the rise as Yukimura Sanada’s rise as the “Crimson Demon of War”! He’s actually not one of my favorite characters for a variety of reasons, but his clan’s history actually does fascinate me. All will not be happy endings and happiness though, because anyone who’s really gotten down with this franchise knows that the Siege of Osaka does not quite end well for the Sanada Clan. I’m curious how greatly detailed this game will be, how many battles, et cetera. Since it’s a title that just focuses on one clan, they have the power to really get nitty gritty,

We don’t have any details of game mechanics, stages, complete character list just yet, but we will in the coming weeks! I hope to get those details and pass them on. If this game is popular though, it is my sincere hope that we’ll get the game we should’ve gotten all along: A game about the Oda clan! It’s far more interesting, in my opinion. Oda Nobunaga’s rise to power from the Owari Province, to conquering a nice chunk of Japan is harrowing and fascinating, and the cast would be pretty deep. There’s a bit of information here on their official site and their list of pre-order bonus costumes are pretty nifty! Also, I do love the new design for Yukimura, so he looks less like a cheerful anime character, and more like a man going to battle to find his place in the world. The Sanada clan want more than to simply be someone elses’ fodder, and it’s going to be really exciting, thrilling, heartbreaking! From his father’s first battle to the final battle of Yukimura, it’s all here.

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