This Just In: TSW Relaunching as Secret World Legends!

-Secret World Legends - Teaser Trailer - YouTube

Are you afraid of the dark? You will be.

Over the course of five years, The Secret World has shown as a diamond in the rough, a unique online gaming experience that fans around the world have enjoyed. A horror MMO with a gripping story and interesting combat/game mechanics is rebranding after five years as “Secret World Legends”! It’s slated to be a “shared-world” action-RPG so that you can play alone, or with friends, if you so desire, to play more than one hundred hours of story, suspense, and action! It will boast a revamped combat system, which I’m very interested to see. One of the things that frankly turned me off about the game a bit was the combat, so I’m curious to see where they go with it next. And it, and all of its glorious content will be free to play! I love suspense, horror, intrigue. These are all things that really get my engine going, and the brief teaser we received today sparked interest in me. They aren’t throwing away The Secret World, though; instead, they are using it as a foundation for a new era, a new story. It’s going to grow further than the original game, and I’m willing to bet we’ll see some familiar stories or characters.

Boasting more than just revamped combat, it also promises a new, better progression system, new, terrifying missions, and it will be available and free for all. I missed out on a fair bit of The Secret World’s story, and I regret that now. Secret World Legends is going to boast that same deep story, voice acting, and game design that fans have come to expect, but this rebranding, this relaunching is going to be a great move for Secret World. It’s not going to isolate people who have never played TSW before, it’s going to be interesting to new players and veterans alike. If you’re a fan of horror, action, and a deep, immersive world, I think Secret World Legends is definitely going to be for you. There’s a war against the Supernatural Forces coming. The best part for me, is I don’t have to play with others. I know a lot of people that really would love to experience this style of game all on their own, or occasionally bring a few friends to the fight. This is a title that will offer seamless solo or multiplayer experiences so that you can do what feels right for you! Travel the world, unravel a deep mystery, and get ready for Secret World Legends!

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  • Eric Marsh

    Huzzah! Maybe I’ll make a video series on uncovering all of the lore before Legends launches. It’s a deep game if you can get around the combat.