This Just In: Turtle Rock pairs with Perfect World Entertainment!

Perfect World Holidays

Last night, on Twitter [click here!], I saw an amazing announcement, concerning one of my favorite companies right now! Perfect World Entertainment is partnering with Turtle Rock, creator of one of the great online multiplayer games, Left 4 Dead. Sure, they also worked on Evolve, and Counterstrike, but to me, L4D is pretty much the best. But I can’t help but wonder what the plan is. It seems like Turtle Rock is straying away from the Pay to Play model. Hell, Evolve is now F2P! The recent change to Evolve makes me doubt that it’s going to be a “new” Evolve game. And Counterstrike being free to play? Unlikely. There’s a lot to unpack here. Steve Goldeinstein, President and GM of Turtle Rock pointed out in a recent interview that he isn’t fond of 60 dollar games that are just, done out of the box. But “Service Oriented Games”, games that are online multiplayer that receive regular updates and patches, they can be adjusted according to the needs of the playerbase, and that’s more important to making the fans happy. He said recently, that you can read right here, “here’s not much room to change course if you see elements that you want to work on based on how players are actually playing your game. At best, you can only hope to make these changes sometime post-launch and at that point, you’re probably knee-deep in DLC, because that’s what a boxed product needs to make a profit these days, given the insanely escalating costs of development, marketing and publishing those products. It’s not a very limber process.”


So, Counterstrike is unlikely, because there is just so much money tied up in the present-day product. Evolve is also off the list, as it is also presently alive and well in its F2P form. So what’s that leave? Their only other big franchise that I can think of. . . Left 4 Dead. Will we get a new Left 4 Dead in a F2P format? Dead Rising tried [and completely fucking failed] with their MOBA/survival style game, but they aren’t Dead Rising. Dead Rising outside of the first game was pretty abysmal anyway. I don’t even care if it’s a Pay to Play product, but I think a f2p Left 4 Dead title would be a tremendous money maker when they find the way to monetize it. There are so many fans who have been crying out for a new one, but figured we’d never see more because Valve can’t count past 2. However. . . Valve was the producer. Not the developer. So there’s still that very distinct possibility. That’s where I’m laying my money. Calling it now:  Next year, new L4D game for PC!

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