This Just In: Warhammer Fantasy Battles Hack ‘n’ Slash!

Warhammer Editorial 1

Now this is something I can be excited for! I love a good beat ’em up/hack ‘n’ slash, and Fantasy Warhammer is one of my favorite Ips. Warhammer Fantasy Battles is going to get one, too! It’s being entrusted to the hands of Bigben, famous for the How to Survive series. This game will take place in the Old World, where bloody battle and Chaos await those foolhardy enough to tread there. What’s better, it’s not going to be a mobile game! It will be on console and PC. There’s not much known about it yet, only that Games Workshop is entrusting Bigben to it, who are huge fans of the Warhammer lore and will likely do right by it.

Warhammer Editorial 2

We’re really pleased to start this new partnership with Bigben, and this project will be an amazing opportunity for gamers to experience an epic story in the first Hack N’ Slash game set in the classic Warhammer Fantasy world. Eko did a great job with their How To Survive series and we’re confident they are going to do something amazing with our IP. I know the Bigben and Eko staff are massive fans of our lore and I can’t wait to see what they come up with.” declared Jon Gillard, Head of Licensing at Games Workshop.

Warhammer Editorial 3

Not every Warhammer game in the past has been great; but most of them really have been. I haven’t played too many that weren’t true to the lore and feel of the IP they were utilizing, but while I love Vermintide and it’s shooter/action feel, I love a good hack and slash. I hope it’s going to feel like a Musou title, where you play as a badass that murders everything in a sea of blood, bone, and misplaced heads. But I have questions! What race/faction will be the star? Will there be multiples to pick from? I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS. But I’m excited! Maybe we’ll hear from Bigben in the near future and get to pick their brains about this. As more information becomes available, be sure that we’ll give it to you! What about you guys? Excited for a more action oriented Warhammer Fantasy game? Do you have a favorite faction? And why is it the Dark Elves?

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