Three Kingdoms: The battle goes live

Uforia, Inc., a new online game publisher specializing in massively multiplayer online games, today announced that its new MMO Three Kingdoms: The Battle Begins will officially launch with the opening of its cash shop at 8 PM Pacific Standard Time today.

Three Kingdoms: The Battle Begins is a new free-to-play MMO based on one of the most well-known Asian novels of all-time.
“Three Kingdoms: The Battle Begins has received a great response in just the few short weeks since we announced it and held some beta tests,” said Mike Min, Game Operations Producer of Uforia. “Now we are inviting the community and fans and MMO players out there to come and enjoy the full Three Kingdoms: The Battle Begins experience.”

Players who created a character during last week’s Open Beta will be able to keep and play with that character. Many changes were also made to the PK balance system to make for more even game play.

Starting on Tuesday and available to Three Kingdoms: The Battle Begins players, there will be monsters dropping special items. These items can then be traded to special NPCs available only for the commercial launch for great in-game prizes.

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