Three Kingdoms Three Transformers

Transformer, the word has brought us too many sweet memories to us for more than 20 years, from plastic Toys to cartoon films, from movies to games; we should thank the original designers for their efforts that brought such brilliant thing to us. Japan, U.S and China, the three Kingdoms, provide us three kinds of Transformers.
The Transformers originally come from the Japan. In 1983, a famous Nippon toy company TAKARA set out its first transformable robot toys, DIAKRON (DAICLONE) and MICROMAN, those toys can transform into mobile vehicles, the two kind toys were mainly sold in the U.S market, and obtained people’s favor.

As the toys are so popular, that the movies industry showed interest in it, then we got the cartoon Transformers, and we had more transformer toys to play with. For the nearly 20 years, they had accompanied us, brought us so many happy time.
However, there is still something that we are not satisfied with, we enjoy the movies, and we enjoy the toys, we use our boundless imaginations to draw a transformers war. But when can we really fight side by side with those Robot Heroes?

Now, you can experience the charm transforming system in Age of Armor originally from Snailgame in China. Fighting with transformers is no longer a dream. In Age of Armor, there are also two opposite sides fighting against each other: the Earth Union and the Aesir Republic. Besides the two forces, there are also some third forces to fight against. In the game, one can choose his armor, and choose the transform module which would enable his armor transform into kinds of things, cars, air fighters dinosaurs and so on, one can fight as he wishes to. The splendid 3D graphical engine makes every battle true enough to remind players of their dreams on transformers.

No time to waste, visit here to start your transformer journey.

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