TLBB: Re-Roll Your Way To Glory

TLBB: Re-Roll Your Way To Glory


After much pleading and peasant grovelling, (EU) has managed to team up with the majestic Emperor from top MMORPG TLBB to bring its players expert advice on items to buy from the newly launched token shop. Full of magical surprises, the Emperor has agreed to give his professional recommendations based on goodies that are now available for purchase and that will help players along their adventurous paths inside this powerful martial arts based F2P game.


His latest suggestion, the ‘Purification Pills’, includes a number of fantastic benefits for players logging onto the European Dragon server including the re-rolling of stat points that proves crucial in the development of characters. Should a player find himself/herself needing more critical hit than strength (for example), then the purification pills will allow them to re-allocate these points quickly and effectively without hassle and allowing for a smoother path to enlightenment.


TLBB introduces respec pills><img: Big-Purification-Pill.jpg Alt Tag: TLBB introduces respec pillsTLBB introduces respec pills



These wondrous ‘Pills’, located in the Exotic Items/Medicine part of the token shop, range from small to large in size and come in a range of prices depending on how much or how little players want to spend. Benefits of the pills include:


– The reallocation of stat points
– The changing of their ‘character build’
– Experimentation of ‘character builds’


Community Manager Michael D. ‘Sanzaburo’ said “The community can rest assured that the ‘customization’ of their characters has become truer to its word than ever. The game has witnessed growing numbers on Facebook, Twitter and the TLBB forum due to fantastic events and features, such as these pills, being unleashed to the community. Now nearing the ’10k fans’ mark on Facebook, we will be looking at running a celebratory event for our users in the upcoming weeks so players should look out for this as well as the latest ad campaign that we’ve put together for public viewing labelled ‘WTF is TLBB?'”

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