TLOHC Reviews Writing Contest, Enter to Win Cool Cashes & Gems!

PKVE is holding a The Legacy of Holy Castle Review Writing Contest for all TLOHC Fans. The review can be for a specific part of the game or about TLOHC in general. The contest will only run for a month so submit your entries as soon as possible! Original work only. Win real cash, Gems prizes! Read the guidelines below for information on how to enter the contest.

Review Writing Contest rules are as follows:
• Hurry! Contest runs from August 1, 2008 to August, 2008 only.
• Participants of all ages and from all countries may enter the contest, except those staff members of PKVE.
• Your review can be about any topic within HLOHC, it can be specific in nature or general.
• 180 words or longer
• Review must be written in the English language. Spelling, grammar and punctuation are taken into account.
• Original work only. You may not submit someone else’s guide as yours, this is illegal and will have serious consequences.
• Reviews will be judged based on content, quality and overall usefulness.
• The nicer, the better. The more presentable a review is, the more points it will merit. We urge contestants to include pictures with their reviews, but it is not a requirement. In the end the most important judging factor is well written content and not the looks, but it helps.
• You can enter as many times as you want. Please post your review under this thread.
• Judging of entries will be done by the PKVE Team. Winners will be notified by e-mail and their names posted on official forum of TLOHC.
• Cash prizes will be paid through PayPal. If the winners do not have access to PayPal, then an alternate method of payment will be arranged.

The Cash Prizes are as follows:
• First Place – USD $100
• Second Place – USD $70
• Third Place – USD $50
Gems Prizes:
All eligible reviews will get 100 in-game Gems as rewards. If you post your review in gamesites or blogs such as and post review in forums is ineligible for prizes. 20 additional Gems will be awarded for per site. You are also allowed to add the TLOHC referral url in the review, thus if the visitor join this game, and his/her castle reach 50, you can get another 300 Gems! Please send your posting links to cooperation [at] We will check it and send the gems to you when the contest ended.

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