TOME: Immortal Arena Takes Part in Raptr Extra Life Weekend Livestream


The TOME: Immortal Arena development team will livestream KIXEYE’s upcoming brawler MOBA this weekend for a good cause.


KIXEYE joins Raptr in its quest to do good with gaming by supporting its Extra Life marathon livestream session this weekend, featuring TOME: Immortal Arena.


Tune in to see KIXEYE’s unique approach to the MOBA genre with TOME: Immortal Arena’s focus on fast action and less laning, played by members of the KIXEYE crew, while participating in this great, gaming-for-good cause.



DATE:              Saturday, October 25th
TIME:              1:00-2:00PM PDT
WHAT:             TOME: Immortal Arena livestream with key members of the KIXEYE team
WHERE:              Raptr Twitch Channel
WHY:               Help Raptr reach their $10K Extra Life donation goal!


Visit for more information about this organization, and everything they do to benefit kids. #ExtraLife2014


Thanks very much, and stay tuned for the next page in the TOME: Immortal Arena playbook!


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