Top 10 Most Welcomed Pets by Elf Online Players

Top 10 Most Welcomed Pets by Elf Online Players
Ah pets… Those little adorable creatures… It seems nowadays that every new F2P MMO has to have a pet system… and the players just cannot get enough. Well, this is especially true in Elf Online, these pets are not only your companions; they are also your best allies in battles. In addition, just like in the real world, players in Elf Online also show off their pets whenever they can…
Here is the result of a survey on Top 10 Favorite Pets in Elf Online released by HappyMMO
1. Oldest Tortoise Agility
2. Little Cow Assistant
3. Steamed Bun with Meat Soldier
4. Single Jack of Straw Magic
5. Yaoyao Agility
6. Egg Assistant
7. One-eye Mummy Control
8. Worm Control
9. Eggplant Magic
10. Long Teeth Soldier

More on the Pet System:
Most players spend lots of time and money on pets, but often it’s still not enough to obtain the pet of your dream. However in Elf Online, there are many ways you can obtain a cool pet, such as capturing, hatching, from mall items, event rewards and credit mall. All of these enable players to have higher chance to obtain some excellent pets.
Same as the characters, pets in Elf Online could also be divided into 5 classes—soldier, agility, magic, assistant and control. Each of them has their respective skill trees. More skills also meant more possibilities for pets’ roles. Together with the basic attribute of these pets, players will have amazing time to quest for the best combination of skills and basic statistics.
There are hundreds of pets available in Elf Online, such as the Speedy Bug in Megalith City, a powerful and highly welcomed pet in ELF Online. If you are not strong enough, you’d better not to play with it. While in Place of Memory, more high level pets roam there. If you want to get one and show off in the street, you’d have better chances by trying these places.
Of course, if you want to get one of these pets, you have to know how to capture them first. Players may notice that in each city, there is a pet shop selling different kinds of items relevant to pets. In the shop, you may purchase different kinds of baits for different level of pets. Now, you have the basic tool for capturing a pet, let’s head for the wild. In the wild, you may encounter different kinds of pets. Use the bait suitable for the level of pet and catch it. But do remember that only when the little bear icon besides the name of pet turns into yellow, can you use the tool to catch it. You must have noticed that the little pet icon will turn yellow only when its HP decreased.
So anyways, what determines the quality of a pet? First of all, players have to know that pets have talent, attribute and growth. Talent decides the basic skill of a pet, attribute decides the ability of a pet and growth decides the potential of them. These statistics provide a intuitionist view of what a rare pet should be.
As for how a good statistics occurs. Generally speaking, it depends on your luck and patience. If you are lucky enough, a captured pet or a pet gain from the lucky box may of brilliant statistics. If not, the demon fruit may help you to restate the statistics of a pet. Of course, the pet should be sealed in the pet card. In a word, so long as you are patient enough, you may get a pet that win everybody’s eyes.

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