TOP :New High Level BOSSes Added

The most successful MMORPG under the IGG banner, Tales of Pirates has been swashbuckling its way into players hearts for 2 years now. Thanks to the developers’ constant innovation, more band new monsters have been added to the new version. Some high level BOSSes which not only have eye-catching appearance but also own top-grade epic drops, appear in Aurora Area and Dark Area. If players want to have a sneak peek, the following instruction can not be missed.

Aurora Area BOSSes:

1. Firm Guard
Level 130 BOSS, will do anything to protect the Aurora Area!
Drops: Robot Wheel, Metal Funnel, Rune of Courtesy, Sealed Aurora Sword, The Box of Prowess

2. Furious Kara
Level 135 BOSS, used to be wife of North Ville. She’s gone crazy since
North Ville left.
Drops: Sealed Crusaders Shield, Sealed Bane Bow, Rune of Justness, Sealed
Judgment Shot, The Box of Hornor, The Box of Sacrifice

Dark Area BOSSes:
1. Vicious Relic Protector
Level 130 BOSS, was cursed by an infinite dark seal and became a monster. Nobody yet knows how to clear the curse…

Drops: Robot Wheel, Metal Funnel, Rune of Pity, Sealed Dreadful Dagger,
The Box of Justice

2. Morpheus Abyss Demon
Level 135 BOSS, able to control the power of evil, as well as being arrogant and conceited.
Drops: Devil Gem, Sealed Aegis Sword, Rune of Courage, Sealed RedemptionStaff, Sealed Amulet Staff, The Box of Empathy, The Box of Inspiration

How hard are these new BOSSes to defeat? How powerful are they’re spells and attacks? Only those who have enough courage can find out and get the chance to claim their valuable drops!

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