Touchdown: Armor League: Football plus Shooter equals Insanity!

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I’m not much of a sports guy, unless you count Wrestling [And I do count it, so shut up]. However, there are sports games that I find infinitely fascinating. You know like Mutant League Football, and Blood Bowl. Ridiculous, violent stuff like that. So when I heard about “Touchdown: Armor League”, my curiosity was piqued. So what is it? That’s the question I always ask: “What is this thing?” Touchdown: Armor League is American Football meets Arena Shooter, and I’m already excited just by that statement! Equip badass power suits, and duke it out with the other team! However…you do still have to utilize skill-based passing, teamwork, and skill at football. That makes me a little bit sad, because I’m so bad at that kind of thing. But if you combine it with combat, if the other team can’t get up, they can’t intercept my pass. I can just see it now, Bottom Tier creating a team and dominating everyone in the world as only we can. Because yes! You can work together with a team of friends, play competitively [we are insanely competitive] to be the best in the world!

Touchdown: Armor League: Football plus Shooter equals Insanity!

To me, sports are boring. Especially. . . especially in video games. But Touchdown: Armor League sounds intense, exhilarating, and promises to combine the hardcore tactical gameplay with ludicrous displays of violence and futuristic technology that I’ve really come to love! This is a game that I think could, with the right community interest, become a new face in the world of esports. But that’s not really their end-game, I don’t believe. Ares Games is a group of people that just want to make a fun, enjoyable game, and with your help they can definitely do just that! Touchdown: Armor League is a concept that has not been overused in the market, so it’s fresh, unique, and I can see myself spending hours upon hours desperately trying to find the right combinations of players and playstyles to master this title. Combining power armor and sports gets my blood boiling just thinking about it! I have so many thoughts about what could be in this game, various ideas about weapons, if they’re going to be available, types of suits, team names, oh, I can’t wait! If you’re like me, and like your sportsball violent and over-the-top, Touchdown: Armor League is going to bring you exactly what you’re craving! It’s going to combine tactical football maneuvers with ludicrous moves like blasting people out of the arena! I. Cannot. Wait.

If you love this idea even half as much as me, click that Kickstarter link at the top of this article! Don’t let this pass you by!

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