TQ Points Card

TQ Digital is please to announce that we have revised our system for putting credit into your game accounts. Now, one universal TQ Points Card can be used to credit all of your favorite TQ games, via our website. This change allows you to pick and choose where your money goes, giving more options to the customer.

All the existing payment options are still there, with links to each game you want to credit.

Follow this link to the payment page: http://us.91.com/tq/tqcard.htm

You can buy TQ Points here, using Paypal, Western Union, Wire Transfer, Money Order, Direct Deposit, etc.

Follow this link to the crediting page: http://credit.91.com/Index.aspx

You can buy items for each different game account you have. Simply select the game and fill out the blanks. Your points will be loaded into each game account you select.

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