Trace ColumbusÂ’ Footprint in VCO

In Voyage Century&( the most stirring and admirable men are neither businessmen who ply across the new continent with full-ship jewelry nor desperados who hang a skull and crossbones and contested with navy, but explorers who sail afar and sought secrets in the distant countries.

Different from businessmen and navies, most navigators own the scholar identity though they often take commercial or military purpose while sailing afar. They differ from ordinary voyagers in different pursuance upon history and culture. Enough professional knowledge they possess can also help them to realize their dreams.

In VCO, players should explore their own navigation routes. While traveling from one city to another across the sea, players’ routes will be different. Just like in the real world, players may encounter storm, submerged reef or other troubles and they have to overcome them. Then they will experience the feel of conquering the sea. After sailed for several times, players will find their own navigation routes. The map of 5 continents has been opened and more regions and cities will be released with the development of game deepens. It is certain that the grand world of <Voyage Century Online> is waiting for players to explore.

The vivid stories of Columbus, Magellan and Da Gama have set a good example of taking adventure for players. Let’s trace the great navigators’ footprint and sail to the regions that human haven’t set foot in to search infinity and future!

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