Transformable Armor Is Coming

Many of us have watched the movie Transformers. We all love it! Now in our MMORPG Age of Armor, We are preparing to some similar elements.

The usage of good visual engine provides a realistic environment in the game. And the flexible camera enables players a comfortable control in the game. Many special effects are also added in the game, which will make players feel excited when they are fighting with their enemies.

Our aim is to make our game a paradise for the fans of transformable armors. In Age of Armor, players can assemble their armor freely. Of course, a suit of armor will be more powerful. There are more than 60 suits of armors and more than 300 kinds of weapons in Age of Armor. In order to combine the concepts of “Armor”, “Science” and “Military Tactics”, we allow players to improve their armors according to different conditions, and transform into special status. These make the battle more flexible, competitive and fun.

Come to experience the Cosmos, Earth, Iceberg and Transformable Armors in Age of Armor!

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