Transformers Need a Leader Now

The war between transformable armors is coming in Age of Armor; many brand new armors will appear in the near future. Do you dream of being a transformer? Do you want to be Optimus Prime or Megatron? Now you can join us and make your dream come true.

Which side would you like to take, Earth United Government or Republic of Aesir? Be friendly or just smash everything. All depend on you! The parallel world in Age of Armor can be destroyed, that is to say, the in-game world can be smashed by legion war between players but not in charge of game company. After the world is destroyed, all the game data of players will be saved, and players will go to another new server to start their new life. Winners will get Medal of Honor while losers can revenge in the new world. AoA successfully quotes the theory of Parallel World to create specific shuttle between each server and provides an in-game legion system to supply an efficient command place.
Obviously, members of guilds can enjoy a lot of fun in the game!

Why are you still waiting there? Come and join us. Start your engine, be ready for transforming, and become a good soldier or a supreme leader in Age of Armor!

Cosmos, Earth, Iceberg and Transformable Armors!
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