Trials of Ascension Announces The Horde Sale

Trials of Ascension

Forged Chaos is pleased to announce The Horde, a sale for the online fundraising campaign for Trials of Ascension. Whether played have donated to Trials of Ascension or not or not, they should not miss this opportunity.

Buying “The Hoard” will get players dragon a special in-game horn style that is only obtainable via a hoard purchase, along with their name entered into a drawing of a minimum of FIVE demo passes!

If that’s not insane enough, the more hoards that are purchased, the more exclusive items ALL hoard purchasers get. For example, if total hoard purchases reach just 50, all purchasers will receive an in-game dragon scale shield. Be warned: the rewards get absolutely crazy! However, it’s going to require action from as many of you as possible because we’ve set the bar pretty high.

For $12.50, players will receive the following:

  • Access to the Backer’s Forum where we reveal additional information about Trial of Ascension’s development.
  • The hoard’s special dragon horn style.
  • Your name entered into a minimum of five demo pass giveaways.
  • An in-game treasure map.
  • An in-game trade tool of your choice.
  • An extra large in-game resource cache with your choice of ingots, boards, stone, hides, or cloth.
  • An in-game choice of one set of masterwork quality plate, chain or leather armor.
  • A backer-only salute animation for all non-bestial characters.
  • One soul scroll.
  • One in-game 1ft tall gold ‘T.O.Egg’ statue.
  • One bless scroll.
  • One grab bag.

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