Tribes: Ascend Previews Upcoming Enhancements and Class Customization

Tribes: Ascend Previews Upcoming Enhancements and Class Customization



Today, Hi-Rez Studios released screenshots previewing enhancements coming to the fast-action multiplayer shooter Tribes: Ascend. Tribes: Ascend, currently in Beta, has been receiving regular updates since early November. This next planned patch delivers the most significant update to date.



“We feel very good about the fast and fluid combat we’ve been playing and refining with the community over the past few months” explains Todd Harris, Hi-Rez Studios Chief Operating Officer. “We are now excited to announce new features that have been among those most requested by our Beta group.”



“Our next update will include additional class customization and a much more polished user interface that really showcases the sci-fi, high resolution graphics of Tribes: Ascend. We will be collapsing the total number of playable classes from 12 to 9, but adding the ability for players to unlock new weapons for each class and further customize their loadout. Three of the nine classes will be available right away so a new player will have access to a Light, Medium, and Heavy class in his or her first match”



“We believe this system preserves class-based combat but offers additional flexibility for players to customize classes around individual playstyle. It continues to provide a balanced and level playing field for all players – free and VIP.”



Tribes: Ascend is a free-to-play shooter for the PC Platform with servers currently located across North America, Europe, and Australia. In addition to unlockable classes, weapons, skills and perks, the Beta version includes 3 drivable vehicles, 3 game modes, and 9 playable maps. Hi-Rez Studios is also planning to support Ranked Servers and Custom Servers.



Those wishing to guarantee a Closed Beta spot may purchase the Tribes: Ascend VIP Starter Bundle at the game’s official website. The bundle includes automatic admission into Beta, permanent VIP status in the game, a 30-day Booster and 3000 Tribes Gold. The VIP Starter Bundle is priced at a 33% discount to list price, as a reward to the game’s Beta testers.

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