Trickster announces lots of changes


Ntreev USA, a leading online game developer and publisher, announced today it will launch a major content update for its popular fantasy MMORPG, Trickster Online: A New Discovery on November 4th.  The new features will include a new Surprise Spot, Card Identification, Guardians and Enlightenment!


“We communicate a great deal with our Trickster community and these new features are some of the things they have told us they would like to see,” said Chris Lee CEO of Ntreev USA.  “With this new update, players will get all kinds of new opportunities to unlock mysteries, increase skills.”

Surprise Spot


The new surprise spot system is a fun and useful daily quest that will give players access to special vendors and NPCs as well as drilling bonuses.  Every day players will have an opportunity to find map pieces that can be combined and used to find buried treasure. The spot where the buried treasure is hidden will either give players large amounts of items when excavated, or teleport the Trickster to a hidden map.

Card Identification


Cards are an integral part of the Trickster Lore and game system. The new Card Identification system will add another use for Cards that pushes them beyond fun flavor and into a game defining tool.  The new Card Identification system lets Tricksters use cards to create new items from their cards by playing a matching game.  More importantly, it gives Tricksters access to the Secret Cards of Caballa Island. When Tricksters find all 16 secret cards they will be granted access to the new and exciting Enlightenment.



The path to becoming a true Trickster has been long and, thus far, unending.  Now players will be given a chance to become a true Trickster and unlock the Guardian that will protect them. Once Tricksters find all 16 cards they will be granted access to a special series of quests that will plant the Soul Seed within them.  The Soul Seed will carefully watch the actions of the Trickster and form a guardian inside it. When the Soul Seed is ready it will unlock the Trickster Guardian.  



There are four guardians: Magic, Charm, Sense and Power. The nature of the Trickster will determine the guardian a Trickster receives. When the guardian is active, it will follow the Trickster and protect the Trickster with its life. Guardians are essentially combat pets that will attack and help the Trickster.



Trickster Announces Exciting New Features

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