Trion’s RIFT and Extra Life Partner for Charity

Trion’s RIFT and Extra Life Partner for Charity

By Darren Henderson (DizzyPW), OnRPG Editor-in-Chief



True OnRPG veterans may remember a writing couple known as the Doyles (Jonathan Doyle and Meticulous Meta) from last year who provided regular columns describing the continuing growth of City of Heroes and RIFT. Well OnRPG is proud to announce their return to the writing staff as well as a charity event they will be participating in tomorrow!



Meticulous Meta is working as a representative between Extra Life and RIFT to raise money for the University of California Davis’ Children’s Miracle Network Hospital to raise money through the best means she knows how, gaming marathons! Meta along with countless other gamers agreed that on October 15th, they would play one hour of RIFT for each dollar donated, and people have already donated countless dollars to the cause to help children’s hospitals around the country.



Now Meta is dedicated to a 24 hour gaming marathon of RIFT on Saturday to fulfill her promise. But I want to challenge the community to help this cause further. Feel free to visit her donation page and cheer her on with your comments or donate a $1 to help the children of Northern California out. Also be sure to check out Extra Life’s website to see how you can play games to help children in need!



Once again, OnRPG welcomes back the Doyles, and I am looking forward to the return of OnRPG’s RIFT column in the coming weeks!

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