TwelveSky 2 Europe Closed Beta Key Phase II!

MAYN Interactive announced today that “TwelveSky 2 Europe”, the highly anticipated and critically acclaimed MMORPG based on the Martial Arts world of Ancient China, is scheduled to enter its Second Closed Beta Phase on the 23rd of this month. Exclusive beta keys are being released to grant their holders access to the game for the rest of Closed Beta. Phase II will officially begin at 4 AM GMT on Monday and will last for two weeks.

While a set of Beta Keys were randomly distributed to MAYN’s own player base, selected media partners will be allocating their own sets on a first come, first served basis, so sign up as soon as possible!

Once a member obtains a key, they will need to link it to their “TwelveSky 2” account (details will be sent with the key). “TwelveSky 2 Europe” accounts and game play are free of charge.
“During Phase II the Guest Services team has coordinated and planned an array of fun events to keep our players entertained,” said Young Shin, CEO and Founder of MAYN Interactive. “We look forward to providing an exciting experience and top-notch support. I am sure our community will be pleased with the events planned ahead.”

Furthermore, MAYN will be looking within its own community to promote a few talented users to assist the “TwelveSky 2” community from Open Beta forward. This position will be awarded to those who have shown strong commitment to the game and unwavering dedication to helping other players. By establishing a closer link to the player base, this new volunteer program will prove be extremely beneficial to both the community and the company.
Lastly, in relation to the success of Closed Beta Phase I, ALT1 and MAYN Games have agreed to allow character data to port from Closed Beta Phase II all the way through launch! That’s right, players who start now will be able to keep their character data and become one of the game’s founding members.

“We look forward to players creating their original avatars, dedicating time to building up their online persona and not worrying about losing.”

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