TwelveSky 2 Open Beta in coming

MAYN Interactive Pte Ltd., today announced that their critically acclaimed Free-to-Play Massively Multiplayer Online Role Play Game (MMORPG) “TwelveSky 2 – Rise of the Sky Clan” will begin Open Beta on April 23rd. 
“We are excited to announce the launch of Open Beta!” said Raymond Gunawan, Sales & Marketing Director of MAYN Interactive. “Our user community has been waiting for this with bated breath. Today we are excited at the prospect of starting Open Beta in just a couple of weeks. We would like to thank all the players who have helped make Closed Beta Phase II a success and invite more players to try out the game during Open Beta. We have added more content and are very eager to see the fans’ reactions.”
To accommodate the expected increase in the player base, MAYN Interactive is bringing several new servers online in addition to the existing infrastructure. The players who have participated in Closed Beta Phase II will be allowed to carry their characters over to Open Beta. 
Prior to the end of Closed Beta Phase II, MAYN hosted an in-game event: ‘The Last Warrior’. The event helped end Closed Beta on a high note.
“TwelveSky 2- Rise of the Sky Clan”, successor to the already popular game “TwelveSky”, harnesses the full potential of the self-developed game engine, GXD, which results in improved graphics and game play.
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