TwelveSky 2 reveals Autumn Content Pack


Twelve Sky 2 – Rise of the Sky Clan is set to release another exciting content pack to improve the already stellar MMORPG game play experience.
Attention all citizens of Ancient China and fellow gamers out there! We will be introducing our latest Autumn Content Pack, packed full of new content guaranteed to spice up your gaming experience!

New Mounts

Just for all your eager Ancient Chinese horsemen out there, we will be kicking off with a new Mount System that is both unique to Twelve Sky 2 and is keyed to bring even greater levels of excitement to combat! All warriors will now be able obtain and ride atop an impressive medieval beast, which will imbue you with increased movement speed, enhance your characters stats and the ability to attack your enemies while mounted!
Introducing six new mounts:
Combat Stag Mount
Due for release 24 November 2009
The swift Battle Stag, with its razor sharp antlers, tends to surprise foes with its deadly critical attack. Those who choose the Battle Stag will ride a beast with seemingly no special attributes, until a critical hit dooms their opponent to an early and unexpected death. This gentle yet fearsome beast increases critical damage, attribute damage, and spirit; you will definitely be able to catch your enemies by surprise.
Combat Hog Mount
Due for release 29 December 2009
The stoutly-built War Hog prides itself on its defensive armor. Those who choose to tame the War Hog will benefit from increased defense ability. This is especially perfect for those who love taking on tanking roles, with its superior health, spirit and attribute defense.
Other Features
New “Ornamental” Gear (Due for release 3 November 2009)
Last but not least, is the new Vanity Costume system, which will bring a whole new colorful dimension to TwelveSky2 Combat! Fight and be fashionable and the envy of your friends whilst doing so! Three new aggressive and intimidating masks will be added to our existing list of 21 unique “vanity” costume sets. On top of this, our secretive and wizened pharmacists have found a way of imbuing mystical powers into these pieces of protective gear with the use of the rare and unique Silver Scroll. All “vanity” costumes, originally just for the fashion-conscious, will now prove their worth in combat!
Simply add and apply the Silver Scroll to your existing vanity armor items, whether (Head, Torso, Pelvis or Leggings); and watch your armor be empowered with additional Spirit, Health, Defense or Damage respectively. Stand proud, stand alone, and get ready to devastate all who stand before you!
The tailor reports that new pieces of armor are on the way, so be sure to stay tuned!

New Hog Mounts

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