Two Grand Fiesta Events in Angels Online

Two Grand Fiesta Events in Angels Online

Angels Online: Grand Fiesta Events

Since the Candy Land updated to Angels Online, the number of players has reached an all-time high. With Halloween just around the corner, the forums are abuzz as angels wonder what tasty treats the AO team has in store for the game’s loyal fans. If it’s cool items and mounts you want, then you’re in luck during the Halloween Grand Fiesta! Here’s a sneak peek at two events no Angels Online player will want to miss.


Event 1: Halloween Amulet Lucky Bags

After this week’s server maintenance, all players who have successfully leveled their characters past Level 20 will receive a free Halloween Amulet Lucky Bag. Even better, this bag of surprises can be opened once every four hours. Every time you remain online for four full hours, you’ll earn a new shot at the treats hidden in your Lucky Bag. There is even a small chance of scoring a Deepwater Bomb, a brand new underwater mount with jaw-dropping stats!


Two Grand Fiesta Events in Angels Online


Event 2: Angel Egg Machine

Many players will have noticed the new Egg Exchange Angel NPC and the Angel Egg Machine. This machine is ready to satisfy players’ cravings for raw power, offering a variety of items and mounts suitable for any situation. Trade the corresponding voucher to receive the item you most desire. What could be simpler?


Don’t miss out on all the latest Halloween events and activities. Visit the official site to stay up-to-date with everything that’s going on in Angels Online.

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