Uforia annouces “U-Day”

Uforia, known for games such as Three Kingdoms, Nostale and upcoming MMOFPS Mercenary Wars (for which you can still snap up Closed Beta Keys right here on OnRPG)  announced that their monthly U-Day begins today at 12:01AM PST and will continue until 11:59AM PST. 

U-Day is a player appreciation day created by Uforia which will feature many in-game and forum events where players will receive a variety of rewards for participating. 

This month there will be over six exciting events that players can choose from across all games.  This month will also feature events that are exclusive to social media sites that have been created for each game.

“U-Day is a chance for players of all levels to take part in a variety of fun events no matter what game they play.  The exclusive events we are offering on Facebook, MySpace.com and Twitter were created in response to requests by many of our players,” said Chris Keswani, Marketing Manager of Uforia.


Uforia - U-Day

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