Uforia Announces First Ever U-Day

Uforia, Inc., an online game publisher specializing in massively multiplayer online games, announced that U-Day will be today.  U-Day is a player appreciation day created by Uforia, Inc. which will feature many in-game and forum events where players will receive a variety of rewards for participating. 
The events will include all of Uforia’s titles and are open to all players who have a registered account with Uforia.  Accounts are free and easy to create and once players create a free account and download the games they are able to play any of the exciting titles that Uforia offers completely for free. 
The U-Day events are:
*Double Experience Points
*The Great Chicken Catch
*Invasion Day
*Share your best Nostale: Global Moments
*The Great 10x10x10 Item Giveaway
Also, Uforia will be randomly selecting 25 lucky players to receive a limited edition t-shirt.  This much sought after t-shirt is a U-Day exclusive and will not be available otherwise. 
“We wanted to create a specific day which conveys our appreciation to our players that they are the reason why we are here,” said Chris Keswani, Marketing Manager of Uforia, adding “It is our players that provide us with constant support and feedback which allows us in turn to not only add more exciting games to our line-up, but also constantly make our existing titles even more entertaining and engaging.
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