Ultra Transforming armor – T.Rex Is Coming

Age of Armor is a robot-themed MMO RPG, based on the wars between Earth Union and the Republic of Aesir. The game is designed for thousands of players, from decisive war to player VS player, from corps war to bloc war.

As we have already set some transformable armor in the Alpha test, and we find that it indeed makes the battle of more confrontainment, and bring more tactics into the competing, and we find that we need a heroic armor to be the leader of the battle. So we design the T-Rex transformable armor system. As the T-Rex is the most powerful animal of the dinosaurs, so we make the T-Rex armor the most powerful armor in the Age of Armor, as for the ultra armor, the T-Rex has a very heavy armor and a powerful energy shield. These protections can make the T-Rex armor endure much more damage than any other armor does. The T-Rex is also good at both melee and ranged combat. It can easily tear up an armor of medium rank of reconfiguration with its sharp crawls, it can also sniping the enemies from a very far distance, one shoot, one kill. Besides those terrible heavy weapons, the T-Rex also has some special skills which can decrease enemies’ attacking power and firing range. With these advantages, the T-Rex is nearly invincible in the battlefield. If a T-rex appears in the battlefield, the scale of victory is leaning to its side.

For the T-Rex transformable armor is so strong; we make it for those high level players, anyone who wants to get a T-Rex transform module will surely endure many hard tests. The T-Rex belongs to those true heroes. There is no time to waste, come and choose your transformable armor, join the transformers war.

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