Uncharted Waters Online Splashes Special Giveaways to Newbie Sailors

Uncharted Waters Online Splashes Special Giveaways to Newbie Sailors




Today Netmarble announced a special giveaway for new comers to Uncharted Waters Online. Following a full month, new players will receive Novice Sailor’s Packs simply by logging in. This novice package includes the essential items to help new players; basic water and food, Sailing and Surveying Skill Handbook, an Anti-Natural Disaster Item, Fishing Skill, LifeSavers and more. Beside the Novice Sailor’s Item giveaway, players will also have a chance to win 3 more packaged items and even a vessel just by leveling up. The first voyage is never easy for new comers, but those who perceiver will be rewarded greatly as masters of exploration.



Event Detail (Feb 22nd ~ Mar 21st, 2012)


Receive Novice Sailor’s Item: As soon as you log-in to the game, you will receive a Novice Sailor’s Item.



Acquire 3 Additional Sailor’s Item Packages: Get some mastery of each skill (Adventure, Trade, Battle) to receive more packaged items. Adventurer’s Item, Soldier’s Item, and Merchant’s Items are available to obtain.



Win a Vessel: When a player reaches Lv20 of all 3 skill criteria will receive a vessel.



Uncharted Waters Online is well-known for its rich content and sophisticated system, and this will challenge new comers at the beginning. This Novice Sailor’s Item will help new players to adapt in the wide oceans and lands of Uncharted Waters Online.



Relive the Age of Discovery and become a historic voyager!

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