Unusual Angle Review of Voyage Century

Grab free iPod Touch, keep eyes on Triple Surprise event (http://top.igg.com/triple).Voyage Century Online. What are the unusual features of this MMORPG? What we think of VCO first may be its ornate, aesthetic, and 3D graphics. And more gamers may pay close attention to its marine trade, spells, naval battles, battlegrounds, flagships, boss grade monsters, gears, etc.

However, if we attempt to look over VCO from a sideward or hidden angle, we may find some indiscoverable unusual features of VCO.

High-key guild battles
Guild war is not scarce in online games. However the form of guild contest for hegemony in VCO is quite rarely seen. There ever broke out a large-scale battle that affected the whole server in almost every server of VCO, which lead to the hegemony of a strong guild and then the stable situation of the server.

The situation is quite particular, but it is able to stimulate all the guilds’ battling enthusiasm to the peak. However, it is very difficult to win other player’s recognition in VCO. It is time to make mental preparations for the guild hegemony in VCO if you want to challenge the peak of VCO.

Pirate group is very popular
Pirates are always very popular in VCO, especially after the <Pirates of the Caribbean> came up. The player can choose to be a Pirate in any phase of the adventure in VCO. And a higher-level Pirate would be stronger. Besides, the one-day earning obtained by using the Pirate’s unique ability–Disposal of Stolen Goods 4 may even be on a par with the richest trade caravan.
What’s more, Pirates possess a unique class feature–blackmail. Pirates possess the privilege to blackmail the non-pirate players on open sea. Surely, the non-pirate player has the right to refuse the Pirate’s blackmail. But it usually leads to a fierce fight. The Pirates will never feel tiresome to blackmail other players. After all, if a Pirate does not rob, can he be called Pirate? That’s why the new comers of VCO always pay close attention to the matters concerned about acting as a Pirate.
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