v0.3.0 Released

Oasis Source v0.3.0 has now been released to the public. This version was meant to contain the new DevSuite software, but due to a technical problem, this has been delayed until v0.4.0. This version has a few security and performance upgrades which you can see by reading the Version History text file that comes with the download.

v0.3.0 still contains some bugs that won’t be fixed until v0.4.0. One of these is the commands, in which they need to be changed and fixed as they don’t work correctly.

Versions prior to v1.0 are not recommended for novices, they are unstable and unfinished versions. The reason for release is to share progress with our users, and if anybody wishes to use these unstable versions instead of v1.0 they can download them. If you wish to download them just to view the source, and monitor our progress, by all means do. Much of the current source will be used in v1.0 so it would be good to read through it and get an idea of how things work.

We will answer any of your support questions for pre-release versions while they are still downloadable. When a newer version is released the current version is no longer supported by us.


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