[VCO] Voyage Century Final is Just Around the Corner

IGG announce proudly that Voyage Century Online (http://www.voyagecenturyonline.com) will be officially launched on April 8th.

Voyage Century is the first 3D nautical online game in MMORPG history. The story in Voyage Century Online begins from 16th Century–a pivotal episode of geography discovery. Adventure and exploration is where the charm of the voyage works. You could choose to be an intrepid explorer, travel around the world, discover pieces of a treasure map, and become a rich man in the game. Or, you can choose to become a pirate. A bizarre sailboat, a skull flag, a crew of bloodthirstiest scoundrels with black beard and Patch-Eye, armed with guns and broadsword, loot and plunder gold…Voyage Century will fulfill your pirate dream.

As an adaptation of a foreign game, Voyage Century Online has been operated in Asia for many years which ensure the high quality of the game. In order to adapt it to western custom, we modify it and add some new content to it. So western players will not be disturbed by the different culture. So far, after 5 month test, the English Version has obtained a steady and high quality, and the preparation work is almost completed, thus , IGG decide that the VCO will be officially launched on Easter, April 8th, 2007 and comes into its Final Stage.

Since started in Nov.2006, it has gained reputation in the global market, and went through the massive BETA test commenced on Dec 23th 2006, until now, the official open on April 10th. During this considerably long period of 5 months, we have made great effort to improve it and eventually we find we are there. Far from perfect though, our unremitting pursuit of perfection will never end.

Also, wed like to take this opportunity to thank the thousands of dedicated testers who helped us day in and day out to make VCO what it is meant to be: a fun game. Your aid was invaluable over these past days — the game wouldn be where it is now without you. When the final version of Voyage Century Online hits on April.8th, you will see the culmination of your hard work. All active beta accounts and data will remain valid.The entire VCO team is now focusing on a smooth launch, and we look forward to hearing your thoughts about the game. Thank you again for your continued support with this project; we look forward to seeing you on in VCO. VCO awaits.

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